Create a video gallery from Youtube

Make your own video gallery

If you want to share some videos on your website, you can create a nice video gallery with picture preview, description and Youtube direct link.

Manage your video list on Sheets and share it easily with onleetable.

Create the Sheets for your Youtube videos

This is really easy, make a copy of this template : Youtube Gallery Template

Once you created your own copy open it, the Sheets is filled with some data for the example. To use your own video you just have to remove the data and add your Youtube url in the column A, blue background.

Youtube video gallery with onleetable

When you have added your Youtube urls in the column A to get Title, Description, picture etc... you just need to click on the butoon "Get Youtube Data". At first launch you will have to validate the scope.

Behind the button there is an Apps Script code that will collect the data for each video on Youtube and fill the sheets.

That's all now your Sheets is ready with all the information needed and we will now create the onleetable.

Create onleetable and embed your Youtube Gallery on your site

In the sheets, open onleetable from the right sidebar.

  1. If it is the first time you open onleetable for this sheets, validate access.

  2. Then select Column B to F and click "Refresh Selection".

  3. Expend "Design" section and activate "Card view".

  4. Click "Create" or "Save"

Explanation :

For the zone selection do not select the column A as we just need it to extract the Youtube data. As onleetable adjust automatically the selection to the rows with data, the best to have a dynamic Gallery is to select the column B to F and not a specific zone. By this way when you add a new video to the Sheets it is automatically integrated to your onleetable.

Create Youtube personnal gallery with onleetable

Youtube Gallery Example

Below a youtube Gallery of interesting Google Chrome OS "How to" to manage Chrome OS at your company. You can view the onleetable on this page : link

Regarding Apps Script to extract Youyube Data

To view the script, in the Google Sheets go to "Extensions > Apps Script". This will open the script page and you can modify it.


You can install onleetable on the Google Workspace Marketplace : click here

Get you copy of the sheets to create your own Gallery : Youtube Gallery Template

You can also create a nice Files Cabinet with onleetable : link.