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What is this account ?

To display the table from your sheets, onleetable will share the Sheets with a technical account. This account is a way to let us access only the file you use for onleetable.

Important notice regarding Google Sheets formulas

Global information

For links and pictures onleetbale need you to use formulas to work properly.

Don't use CTRL+K or the menu to insert a link use =HYPERLINK() [help] and for picture use also the formula =IMAGE() [help].

onleetable will also convert checkbox (i.e. TRUE/FALSE value) in checkbox emoji in the array.

The example on the right illustrate the integration of checkboxes, pictures and links.

Google Sheets Formula

As seen above onleetbale will replace HYPERLINK() and IMAGE() formulas with the appropriates HTML code to be displayed on the onleetable.

⚠️ formulas nee to use absolute value and not relative, that's mean for a link you need to specify explicitely url in the celle and not refer to antother cell.

✅ =HYPERLINK("","View site")

=HYPERLINK(B3,"View site")

onleetable custom formula

To add specific elements to your onleetable you can use our custom onleetable functions. This function allow you to create specific item.

onleetable formula will not start with = and must be build by concatenate some data from others cells.

View the dedicated section to use our custom functions : click here.

Access your table

The section "Access your table" will be displayed after you created your onleetable. When you open onleetbale this section will not appear at the first load but onece you created on the button "Create" the link of your onleetbale will be generated and will appear at the top of the add-on.

"Table details" section

There is 2 way to select a range to share.

1. Use "Refresh Selection" button, select the range you want to share with your mouse and click "Refresh Selection" button. onleetable will automacally update the Sheet and the Range to reflect your selectoin.

Then click "Save" to validate selection.

2. Manual selection, select the sheet in the dropdown and enter manually the range in the text field. Use a valid Google Sheets notation.

Then click "Save" to validate selection.

Select tab to share

If you select only a tab to share, onleetable will display the data present in the sheets and remove blank rows and columns.

This parameter is mandatory and will work in conjunction with the range selection, as explained above you can't omit the range selection

Select range

Range selection must be continuous selection, it can't be a non continuous selection.

The range selection must be written in a Google Sheets compliant way, for example A1:J23 or D:L

Refesh selection

This button will fill the parameters Tab and Range with the appropriate information based on the selection you made on Google Sheets.

This is the most convenient way to work with onleetable, you just have to select and it will be automatic.

"Design" section

Select how your onleetable will look like

You have multiple options to modify the look and feel of your onleetable.

Below the galery.

Compact view

Space at the top and bottom of each line will be lower than the normal view.

Row hover

The row your mouse is over will be greyed, nice for table with lot of columns to keep eye on the row.

Alternate row color

An alternate color for rows will be applied for the entire table.

Highlight ordered

If you enable ordering in the "Option" section, the column ordered will be greyed.

Row border

A top and bottom border will be displayed for each rows of the table.

Cell border

The full border of each rows will be displayed.

"Filter" section

For each column of the selection you will be able to select to use a filter. The list of column is automatically displayed.

If yes you can chosse between "Select" and "Slider" filter.

Slider filter is most suitable for numbers.

"Format" section

Format columns section allow you to define a format type for the data in each column. This means you just have to enter data and onleetable will render the data as define by the fomrat.

Exemple with "Link" format :

In the column enter the url of each link and in the onleetable format setting select "Link".

Your column will be rendered in a clickable link.

But you maybe want some customisation that is why onleetable format are dynamic. Enter in the the value :,View Google Site

And your link will be rendered with the specific anchor "View Google site".

Discover all the formating options in the dedicated section of our documentation : Format columns

"Show/Hide" section

For each column of the selection you will be able define if the column is visible in the onleetable.

The default parameter is "Show", you can decide to hide how many columns you want. The column hidden will still be used for the "Search" text box.

Can be interesting to hide a column with some text or keyword you want for your search but not relevant to be displayed.

"Options" section

Additional options for your onleetable to customize rendering and search for your users.

Add search input

Display a search box at the top letf of your onleetable.


Allow your user to order column of the onleetable. Can be ascending and descending order for each column.

One column at a time can be ordered.

Paginate table

Add a page navigation to your table to display long table in a small way.

The default pagination will be 10 items per page.

Number of items per page

When you enable the pagination option you can select the number of items per page, the default value is 10 but you can change to your desired number.

"Security" section

Security section will bring more control to your onleetable on how it can be displayed and where it can be displayed.

Restrict by IPs

You can define what IPs are allowed to view your onleetbale.

If you want onlee people from your company can view your onleetable you can restrict access to the public IPs of your company.

Restrict iframe access

You can define the domain allowed to display your onleetable.

In order to not have your onleetable displayed on another website you can restrict the domain allowed to embed (iframe) your visualisation. This is a top fetaure to protect your data and be sure it is not used by another site.