Custom elements


Insert a custom button in your onleetable.


ONLEETABLEBUTTON(url, [label],[width],[color])

  • url - The full url of the page to open, must be a full https url not a reference to another cell.

  • label - [ OPTIONAL - "View" by default ] - The text to display in the button.

    • If not specified we apply a default "View" value.

  • width - [ OPTIONAL - "50%" by default ] - Width of the button, can be a % or px value.

    • Better to use % value to adapt better on screen.

  • color - [ OPTIONAL - "#2f2f2f" by default ] - Color of the button.

    • The text color of label will be adjust between black and white to fit the background color better contrast.

Sample Usage

Standard : onleetablebutton("","Access","50%","#22cece')

With concatenate : ="onleetablebutton('"&J1&"','Access','50%','#22cece')"